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A Prescription Drug Solution

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The high cost of prescription drug is often in the news and a major issue on many levels. Therefore, individuals, families, communities, and politicians are searching for answers as the cost of drugs and health care skyrocket and people keep getting sicker. Thus, a prescription drugs solution is vital.

The solution to this crisis goes way beyond the high cost of medications. In truth, the bigger problem is that we have become a drug-dependent culture and this needs to change right now.

Mind Control to Form Dependency

Big Pharma has bought control of our minds and our chemistry. Thus, leading us to believe that we need drugs to be healthy and survive. As a society we believe that there is a pill for every ill and that feelings are more important than function. Consequently, this type of thinking has put us in a crisis that needs immediate attention.

In truth, medications don’t eliminate the underlying cause of disease. They mask the symptoms and, in many cases, especially with long-term use, cause diseases and conditions that are far worse than what they were originally designed to treat.

People may need medication for life-threatening emergencies or chronic diseases. The problem is that the “pill for every ill mentality” has become a brainwashing and addiction. This mentality has created an over-the-counter and prescription drugs dependency with untested, dangerous long-term effects.

None of these drugs were tested for an extended use that is in alignment with our life expectancy potential.

Incredible Power Within

To be healthy, people need to become aware of and begin to nurture the incredible power within. People need to start taking responsibility for their decisions. By doing so, they can make the most of every day and express their highest possible health for a lifetime.

As a practicing chiropractor for over 30 years, I am always inspired when our patients, who thought they needed prescription drugs to survive, begin chiropractic care and experience their body’s natural healing ability. Many of them eliminate their need for medication. In fact, recent research shows that those who receive chiropractic care have a 64% lower chance of receiving an opioid prescription compared to those not receiving chiropractic care. In America, the statistics show 136 deaths per day from opioids.

Misinformation and Addiction

Falsified research, lack of quality control, and overprescribing are causing unacceptable and unprecedented collateral damage. In many cases, more harm than good.

The Symptoms are our body’s way of telling us that there is an interference present, that something within our system is out of balance. Unless we remove the interference, we are not really healing. We are instead managing conditions with unnecessary prescription medications alongside a cascade of side effects.

Overprescribing has led to overmedication and an opioid crisis. We have an epidemic of innocent opioid addicts who got hooked because they followed the standard of care, and the side effect was a life sentence of addiction.

The opioid epidemic has put more children into foster care. According to the Child Welfare League of American, a 10% increase in overdose death rates correspond to a 4.4% increase in the foster care entry rate, and a 10% increase in the hospitalization rate due to drug use corresponds to a 3.3% increase in the foster care entry rate.
America’s opioid overdose epidemic now claims more than 100,000 lives each year.
Opioid use disorder and opioid addiction remain at epidemic levels in the US and worldwide. Three million US citizens have had or currently suffer from opioid use disorder (OUD). More than 500,000 in the United States are dependent on heroin.

Prescription Addiction

People are taking prescription drugs for decades longer than had been originally intended. These prescription drugs are continuously creating conditions down the road that severely impact their quality of life. Not to mention, layered on top of the symptoms they already have. Ultimately this creates the need for another medication to treat the side effects of the previous one!

Healthcare costs continue to be driven up astronomically as long-term medication usage creates new conditions that didn’t exist previously. In addition to the skyrocketing high-costs, variant conditions with new names for new forms of dementia, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and Autism Spectrum Disorders are causing a lifetime of suffering for many as people’s brains and biology become chronically and chemically altered.

Cheaper prices will not solve this problem. They will only perpetuate the problem and make it more widespread.

Statin and Blood Pressure Drugs

Statin drugs are another example of this problem. Especially when you consider that prescribing cholesterol-lowering statin drugs as a prevention method for heart disease is now questioned more than ever. Too many people are being prescribed cholesterol medications prematurely and unnecessarily.

So why aren’t more doctors stressing the importance of eating a clean, healthy diet, and telling people that they can reverse the damage caused to endothelial cells that line the blood vessels? Thus, completely eradicating the plaque that has led to the heart disease in the first place.

These statin drugs can cause side effects that include statin-associated muscle symptoms (SAMS). As well as diabetes mellitus (DM), and other central nervous system complaints. Without our central nervous system (the brain and the spinal cord), we cannot adapt to our environment, feel, or move! Nevertheless, people are opting to consume these prescription drugs without taking the repercussions and the side effects into serious consideration.

Not only can these drugs be addictive, but their manufacturing can be disease-causing.

How about blood pressure medications being laced with carcinogens or vaccines that are filled with heavy metals and toxic agents? Doctors continue to overprescribe antibiotics that break down the immune system.

Vital Solutions

Consumers, the very core of the solution is a matter of principle and philosophy. It’s time to lead the way with a new understanding and truth. And keeping yourselves healthy and functioning at your full potential, or as we say, 100% for 100 years or more. In addition, it’s important you have healthy thoughts, good nutrition, personal fitness, and a clean environment.

A healthy nervous system is vital for a healthy long life, free from prescription drugs and most importantly, drug dependency. This mindset is what attracted me to the chiropractic profession in the first place. I have seen this principle hold true time and time again for our patients and my family.

Honor Your Body

It is the responsibility of each individual to learn about and honor their body’s innate intelligence and care for themselves proactively, without medications. Then, it should be the goal to stop taking drugs as quickly as possible, except in cases of a life-threatening emergency.


Drug advertising to the public needs to cease. This will lower the prescription drug company costs, put the care back on the physicians, increase the effectiveness and skills of doctors to doctor, and dramatically lower costs for everyone.
There needs to be more drug company accountability and liability.
We need to demand robust and reliable science research into the harm being done by vaccines and vaccine schedules.
Blocking, censoring of, and attacks against alternative health options, information, and practitioners need to stop.

Real answers are simple, safe, much less expensive and available to everyone. There is a huge movement sweeping across the country in preventative care and more people are waking up.

Lifestyle changes can prevent many conditions and reduce or eliminate the need for drugs.
Eating a nutrient-dense diet with intermittent fasting can extend lifespan and may reverse disease. Exercise is the most underrated antidepressant and powerful medicine for disease control as well as reversing disease.
Presently, a single new drug brought to market comes with a cost of as much as $2 billion. According to the FDA, it takes approximately 12 years for an experimental drug to progress from bench to market.

Drug-Free Healthcare

Health and nutritional coaches are popping up everywhere to provide solutions for consumers hungry for this lifestyle. Health-conscious individuals, parents, and athletes are utilizing chiropractic care as their first choice for health care.

Licensed and drug-free, yet trained to refer to medical providers, when necessary, chiropractors work to optimize the function of your nervous system. They also work to eliminate nerve, lifestyle, and environmental interference that can limit your health through dis-ease, before a disease has a chance to develop.

Chiropractic care is so much more than back and neck pain management but going to your chiropractor first for pain will yield many more unimaginable health benefits.

It’s time to take your mind back and start thinking more independently. Start thinking about reducing your real and perceived need for medications. Talk to your current primary care doctor or find a new one. Get the answers that support your long-term well-being.

Your 100 is coming. You make the call! Find a Provider Today!




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