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My child is healthier in every way and immunity greatly boosted!
Mrs. Smith

“I brought my 1 year old child in for recurring ear infections and constipation that have been occurring for several months!I tried many things including medication which did nothing. Several rounds of antibiotics and ear infections were still occurring. After receiving care at this office with Dr. Landi my son is no longer on medications since we started! I knew it (chiropractic) was a great thing to do, but I didn’t know that it is SO POWERFUL! This office has truly a unique atmosphere! My son is healthier in every way and his immunity was greatly boosted! My whole family has started care since and we recommend it to anyone. Getting adjust should be the first thing to do when trying to heal from just about anything! I feel this office is a great security to every parent raising children in today’s environment and there is something you can actually do to make a difference in our child’s development and health.”

Service Oriented

“I strained my arm and was in strong pain on a Saturday and could not use my hand at all. I almost went to the emergency room, but then remembered that Dr. Landi is always telling us that we can always call him in emergencies.

We called Dr. Landi and he opened up his office in the evening special for me! He worked on it and asked us to come in again Sunday mid morning. Again, he opened the office just for me! I wanted to pay something extra but he refused any payment.

The doctor and staff are very nice and professional and the care is the best. While making alignments, the doctor is always encouraging me to lead a healthy lifestyle and to “let loose and not let stress take over my life”.

Vertigo/Blurred Vision/Numbness/Palpitations-Meaning back to my life!

“I was told by my neurologist that I was suffering from Vertigo. I couldn’t see properly, my balance was off, I constantly felt dizzy, had numbness in my fingers, was experiencing heart palpitations and constantly felt like I had brain fog. It was interfering with my life and I was unable to take care of my children or work. One medical doctor put me on meclizine which made my condition worse and another told me to not take the medication. I was so desperate, no one understood what I was going through and thought it was just depression.I have been experiencing this for over a year and have been to so many doctors, no one could find a solution for me. Until I went to the chiropractor.

When I met with Dr. Landi, I started to talk to him and he was explaining to me about some of the symptoms I was having. It seemed like he knew exactly what I was dealing with that I whispered to myself “he knows me”. So for once in a long time, I felt relief and not like a fool because someone finally understood what I was going through.
After speaking with Dr. Landi my first impression was that these people will bring me back to life, and my children.

The results can only be described as OMG.I can now look at people and not see another head growing from them. I can see my children and take care of them, and I will soon be returning to work. My heart palpitations have also gone away, all within the matter of a few visits. I would most definitely recommend chiropractic to others. They are often overlooked, but the answers to your health are with them. Our nervous system is the key and they know that and address that. If you are going through constant battling with your health, please please consult a chiropractor for help. I am so happy I found these people who gave me the meaning back to my life.”

Don’t know where I would be without chiropractic…
Steven R.

“Dr. Landi and his team are outstanding! From the moment you walk in they were there to help alleviate my back pain and neck pain. Dr. Landi has not only helped me in the office but has showed me numerous techniques that can be used through out everyday life the has changed not only my back and neck pain but my overall health as well. I would 110% recommend Dr. Landi and his team. They are out of this world in terms of treating each patient individually. I don’t know where I would be without chiropractic.”

Rachel R.

“I came to Landi Family Chiropractic for extreme acid reflux that my 5 month old child was experiencing. This had been going on for several months. The reflux was very bad that the baby was on prevacid and we did not see any changes. The baby didn’t stop crying and really suffered from this. It was so bad that 3 babysitters didn’t want to take her again because they felt so bad for all of us. After starting care we were able to stop the medications and the baby was no longer experiencing this. I didn’t want to believe that this would have been the answer and everything we had tried previously would not help but I tried everything and chiropractic worked! We went to Dr. Landi 3x a week and in just 2 weeks but there was a miracle!! Our baby stopped crying and was healed! After seeing this our family had started care and we have all been helped in different ways! We want people to know that chiropractic really does work because why should people suffer out there if there is help for them. It you or anybody you know is suffering, please, please do not wait and just get adjusted!

Please if anybody has any questions for me please feel free to call me and ask about my experience 845-352-0861″

Ear infections
Satisfied Client

“I brought my baby to Dr. Landi because of recurring ear infections. I was visiting my doctor every two weeks with an ear infection in my child. We tried all kinds of antibiotics and natural remedies. Some were helpful, for about a week, and then it was back to square 1. We were even scheduled for tubes but my child had a fever which is when we called Dr. Landi.

Since we started chiropractic, within a few weeks I saw a major difference that I had not seen before. Within two months my baby was a new baby and all the symptoms were gone. We have not seen our doctor for ear aches in months, since we started. I really didn’t believe in chiropractic before this, but I gave it a shot after seeing my children suffer and nothing helping. After seeing this, my whole family is now under chiropractic care.

I would absolutely recommend chiropractic to others. If there is a serious illness I think chiropractic and working with your medical doctor would be very helpful.

Dr. Landi is extremely nice and is always available for us, as well as the staff who are very accommodating.”


“After suffering with pain, scoliosis, headaches & sinus problems, I was told that I would be in a wheel chair by 40 (19 years old )and never give birth. Both predictions are wrong, age 60, 2 children,asthma relieved tremendously. Scoliosis started @43 degrees now 13 degrees and holding for 30 years.”